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To all our fans, friends, family and colleagues in the music industry,

Obviously, Covid-19 (Corona Virus) is working it’s way across the world and causing a great deal of stress and problems to all areas of society. It is now inevitable that, unfortunately, may of our shows will have to be re-scheduled. Please do rest assured that we are working like rabid Beavers to ensure all details are resolved and announced as soon as possible. We will, of course, keep you up to date on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and as much as we possibly can.

So far, we can confirm the following:

- The Acorn Theatre in Penzance has been moved from 4th April 2020 to the 10th April 2021. Please visit www.theacornpenzance.comfor more info.

- Wonderland 2 Festival in Wolverhampton has been rescheduled to the 5th April 2021. Please visit for more info.

- The REC Rooms, Horsham show on 18th April will now be on Friday 19th June 2020. Please visit for more info.

This is an unprecedented time for the world, so please do bare with us while we do our best to get you answers and resolutions as soon as we possibly can. If you have enquiries relating to specific shows, we recommend you contact the venue directly.

Above all else, this is only Rock N’ Roll, and no matter how much we like it, the important thing is for all of us to stay safe and look after eachother - particularly those who are most vulnerable! Let’s stick together people, we are in this together - bands, fans, venues, agents and families.

This is the dawning of a new day in a new world. We shall fight with the weapons our forefathers have bequeathed in order to bring back Man Rock to your towns. So let us begin! Death or glory my friends? Which do you choose?

See you on the ice... someday, somehow!

Wrong Jovi Xx

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