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Alex started his musical journey in late 2005 at the age of 13 after attending a Status Quo concert. His original aspirations were to be a guitarist at the age of 10. However, as the aforementioned concert came to a close, he was handed a drum stick by the bands resident drummer. It was in that moment that Jon decided to put down the plectrum & pick up the sticks.


After a handful of lessons, Jon soon became his high-school's leading drummer, taking part in many of the schools musicals & charity events. Whilst studying in sixth form Alex became a drum teacher, giving lessons to grade school students & lessons on the history of drums. Two of Jon's former students have since gone on to study music at the country's leading universities.


Alex went on to study at the university of Cheltenham, graduating in 2015. It was there that Jon first met Wrong Jovi whilst also working with lead singer, Ally, on an originals project. He went on to play the role of Tico Torres in Wrong Jovi’s first two shows as a band. A reshuffle took place at the start of 2015, but Alex remained on the bands dep list, making a few guest appearances until being reinstated as full time drummer for 2017.


Not only is Alex a dab-hand with the sticks, he is also a fantastic video editor, having worked with Wrong Jovi on filming promotional videos as well as their upcoming documentary.


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