Giuliano co-founded Wrong Jovi with lead guitarist, Mark Harding, way back in 2012. Unfortunately, due to personal commitments, Giuliano was forced to step down as the bands full time bassist. However, he continues to work with Wrong Jovi regularly as a dep.


Born in Brazil, he started playing at the age of 16 highly influenced by the masters of NWOBHM, Iron Maiden. Played in church for a few years to make his mother happy and there he got in touch with different styles like funk and R&B - bringing him new musical influences.

Giuliano has Played with several bands of genres as contrasting as thrash metal to salsa, enjoying each different musical nuance.

G is fanatic about São Paulo Futebol Clube and pizza.


Jonny is the other keyboard virtuoso in the band, with over 20 years' experience playing the old ebony and ivory. He is a classically trained pianist with lots of certificates to prove it, but nowadays he spends a lot more time in the world of pop and rock music. Having played a range of styles in a number of function bands, Jonny has now settled for being a part-time David Bryan impersonator.


By day, Jonny is a teacher. He teaches music and music technology to 13-18 year olds in a thriving music department, and is also an assistant head of the sixth form there. Some students still don't believe him when he says he wore a blonde wig in front of hundreds of people at the weekend!


A little known fact about Jonny is that his first serious band (at the age of 14) was the inimitable 'Losing Faith', featuring the one and only Mark Harding on lead guitar and vocals. Rumour has it that Jonny and Mark still play the band's biggest hit 'Forever and a Day' at open mic nights from time to time..

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